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Why are the NY Giants having a bad time?

November 21, 2006

Would you say it’s because of all their recent injuries? Could it be their offense passes? Or maybe their defense?

Exactly why did Tom Coughlin had to wait for the last five minutes of the November 20th game against the Jacksonville Jaguars to open the receptors? Why didn’t they do that from the beginning of the game? The first 55 minutes were terrible and the difference would have been bigger if the Jags wouldn’t have dropped the ball in the red zone a couple of times.

It’s true that they have at least 8 players injured but for what I saw this past Monday night, the problem is with the receivers. Nobody is catching the offensive passes. Manning might be a young QB but he wasn’t getting any protection from their defense.

I don’t know, what do you believe it’s the reason for their recent struggles?



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